Sat, March 21, 2020

21 Mar. USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) Pistol Match: Practical Shooting measures the shooter’s ability to shoot rapidly and accurately through obstacle-laden courses. The shooter moves, negotiates, runs, covers, and speed reloads through the stage as fast as their skill will allow.  If this fast paced shooting sounds like fun, come out and give it a try. Show up with an unloaded centerfire pistol in .38, 9mm, .40, or .45 in an enclosed case and ask a match official where the safe area is so you can holster your gun safely.  Also bring a rigid holster, magazines, and mag pouches capable of holding at least 32 rounds.  Overall match round counts are usually between 100 and 150 rounds.  Specific division requirements can be found at  Starts at 9:30 am and cost will be $20 ($15 for Pinetucky members, active duty military, police, and fire).