Pistol Range

Pinetucky has a fully equipped N.R.A. approved state-of-the-art Pistol range. This facility will amaze you with its ability to provide just about every type of pistol shooting you can imagine. Our pistol range offers 24 firing points at both 25 and 50 meters. The turning targets are timer controlled and driven by electric motors. The range is modified for practical pistol shooting. As with the rifle range, the firing points are fully covered and the range is baffled for safety. Competitions are held on a regular basis to include Bullseye and International matches to test your skill with the southeast's best shooters.

Pistol range is open to the public Noon - 5 PM Saturday & Sunday, Cost $15 per person


The four types of pistol competition held at Pinetucky are:
1) IDPA or International Defensive Pistol Association
2) PPC or Practical Police Combat
3) ICORE or International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts
4) USPSA or United States Practical Shooting Association.

IDPA is for people who carry a concealed gun and want to compete with what they carry.  Shoot what you carry from a concealable rig, usually covered by a garment, and low round count stages as no one carries 3 or 4 magazines every day.

PPC is an old police training/qualification type of match.  Normally done on the turning target system with many people shooting at the same time.  It is an accuracy biased match as the times given to shoot the strings are generous.

ICORE is a combat style sport just for revolvers.  It came about when the hi-capacity handguns took over all the other types of "practical" shooting.

USPSA is the American arm of IPSC.  International Practical Shooting Confederation.  It began as  combat with a handgun, and evolved into a sport for fun and less of a serious defensive oriented training game.  Quickly shooting your way through an obstacle laden course with multiple targets which may be hidden, reloading as required, is USPSA.  You will find everything from Glocks, and revolvers, to "raceguns", which hold 28 rounds, with optical sights and compensators.